When A Lot Like Birds was preparing to roll out their fourth studio LP through Equal Vision Records, they contacted me to produce the visuals to go along with the album for the songs that didn’t have music videos. I used the visual branding from the album cycle & created looping cinemagraphs to emphasize lyrical themes.


To create these cinemagraphs, I arranged different props with the same flowers used in the promotional band portraits. I shot a few seconds of each arrangement twice; once normally for fifteen seconds & once on fire for fifteen seconds. I placed the fire footage below the normal footage & inverted the orientation to give off a reflective vibe.


Preceding my passion for animation was my obsession with cinemagraphs. The subtlety & simplicity of each moving image is such a pleasant surrealism to me & I’m glad I was given this outlet to express myself in this way. & I mean, who doesn’t love getting paid to light things on fire?