In college, I was always fairly envious of my well-traveled friends. I was focused mostly on my studies & never really had much time for long trips, but as soon as I graduated I let an undying thirst for adventure fuel my every decision. It all started with my first drive across America (thanks, Daniel), & since then my infatuation for this country's dusty roads has grown exponentially. I am now so constantly & endlessly enthralled by the sights & sounds offered by any given moment spent traveling throughout America & It's through this appreciation that I have started the Vagabonding Sessions.

Vagabonding is a series of candidly shot acoustic arrangements witnessed & documented throughout my travels.

With help from the humble folks in Artifex Pereo & Eidola, I was able to kickoff the series with two arrangements performed in Parker, CO during one of the most pleasant tornado watches I think I'll ever get the chance to see.

Artifex Pereo performing "The Straight & Winding Way" in Parker, CO on 8.18.15

Eidola performing "Humble Ledger" in Parker, CO on 8.18.15