“As History Would Have it” is a one-shot music video promoting the album, Passengers, by Artifex Pereo. To me, this song is lyrically about the normalization in America to the thousands of soldiers who die fighting in war. To exaggerate the desensitization, I showed a grave site that grows more & more with countless tombstones, void of any human life — then pulled out to reveal a crowded supermarket, immediately juxtaposing the vast & barren grave site with a place only a stone’s throw away — bustling with everyday human activity.


I wanted to maintain a higher level of simplicity with this video, so I went with a one-shot. I used a DJI Phantom 4, flew above a cemetery, & slowly pulled back until the supermarket was in frame.

The footage was color graded in Resolve, edited in Premiere, & sent to After Effects for subtitling.


For being my simplest music video, I still think this is one of my strongest works in regard to storytelling & I think it showcases my ability to take complicated themes & portraying them with simple visuals.