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Hi there! I’m Michael-Rex Carbonell & for the past 5 years, I’ve been using my freelance career to learn everything I can about stylistic expressive creation. As a multi-media content creator & brand strategist, I primarily spent most of my time traveling with musicians, documenting their journeys, & working with them to market their spirit of adventure, promoting their music on a global scale.

I’ve photographed several hundred concerts; shot, directed, & edited a dozen music videos myself (I even starred in this one!); designed album artwork, merchandise, & promotional fliers; & I’ve implemented branding & marketing strategies for several consecutive album cycles. On top of all this, my journey of self-education has provided me with many opportunities to work for Fortune 500 companies & to see, firsthand, how they function. I’ve animated promotional spots for Colgate, curated photos for Mastercard, & I still edit a podcast for IBM.

Whether you’re here as a fan or a prospective employer, I hope you enjoy a curation of my favorite work. If something piques your interest amidst the clicking & scrolling, please feel free to say hello!

Thanks for being here.

[view my resume here]